We provide clients with cost effective and creative solutions for business problems.

In addition to bespoke business applications, we provide customers with a range of hosting solutions, business Internet/Data connectivity and network infrastructure solutions.

We work closely with clients at every stage of the project thus ensuring that the final solution meets the requirements of the initial brief.

We have a flexible approach to every project and are steered by the requirements of the client, only selecting a suitable approach once every avenue has been explored. We focus on identifying the business problem and work to provide a suitable cost effective solution.

Our team have a wide range of experience and technical abilities that together provide the depth of knowledge our clients rely on in designing the correct solution for each business challenge.

Your needs will typically be unique and the cost of any implementation will depend on the complexity of your requirements.

We are highly approachable and welcome all enquiries – email or call us on 0131 202 5730.