Network Solutions

Incito provide a comprehensive range of services required to implement end to end network solutions from project inception through each stage of delivery, to testing and successful implementation. We deliver back-haul solutions using fibre optic and wireless technologies with end user connectivity through the use of copper infrastructure or wireless access points.

Fibre optic

We have extensive experience of installing, terminating and testing high speed fibre optic networks using a range of both conventional fibre and blown fibre products.

We are fully trained and accredited in the installation of EmtelleTM fibreflowTM products.


Wireless - Point To Point (PTP)

Our PTP solutions provide high speed connectivity between two disconnected locations and can be used as a direct Ethernet replacement. The links can operate in a wide range of both the unlicensed and licensed frequencies dependent on the application, providing bridging solutions from several hundred metres to tens of kilometres.

Wireless - Access

End user connectivity to the network can be provided through the use of wireless Access Points (APs). Working in the 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz frequency range these provide a flexible, cost effective and secure method of extending your network. 

To support the delivery of Wireless Access services and for short distance network requirements we provide a complete range of copper infrastructure cabling solutions.

To support your business we also offer a range of services including, but not limited to, project feasibility studies, network performance analysis and 'sense checking' of project cost estimates.

Case Study - MOD Chilwell

The requirement was to deliver an Internet service to 20 accommodation buildings dispersed over a 21 acre site. A duct network existed throughout the site however it did not connect to all the buildings requiring a service.

To provide connectivity to all buildings a mixed network was installed. Where ducts were present a Gigabit fibre optic link was installed. Three 150Mpbs PTP wireless bridges were chosen to deliver the connectivity to the buildings not on the duct network. Within each building, Cat5 cabling was installed to connect to the wireless access points distributed throughout the accommodation which provide the service to the end user.

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