Managed Hosting Services

Through our subsidiary SoldierNET, Incito has become a leading provider of secure managed network services to all 3 branches of the UK Armed Forces in locations throughout the whole of the UK. Building on that expertise is Echelon, our secure managed hosting service.

The Echelon team will focus on securing, protecting and managing your systems so you can focus on your business. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our Industry Certifications including ISO 27001 (IT Security), 9001 (Quality Management), 22301(Business Continuity), and PCI DSS.

Echelon is more than just co-location space. We aim to be a trusted partner that understands and supports your business not only in its every day delivery but also as a trusted advisor bringing the same continuous improvement commitment into your own business’ IT provision as our certification brings to ours.

Echelon offers the following services:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Platform Management Services
  • Professional Business Services

Infrastructure Services include high availability internet connections, high performance internal networks, and compute services. Compute services are available on either your own co-located hardware or our virtualised services.

Platform Management provides management of the hardware, operating systems and platforms on top of which your bespoke business systems depend e.g. Linux, OpenLDAP, Apache, Tomcat Glassfish etc.

Professional Business Services go to the next level by supporting the custom applications, software and processes that are bespoke to your business.

We adopt a proactive approach throughout all areas of our business, actively seeking areas for improvement. Through continuous scrutiny and regular reviews we can ensure that our policies, processes and procedures evolve to provide you with a consistently first class service.

Our Continuous Process Improvement approach is achieved through:

  • High Quality Account management provision
  • Monthly management reporting
    • Performance tracking – real time and historic charting
    • Service reviews – comprehensive review of service performance
  • Quarterly performance review
  • service performance and review of support issues
  • projected performance issues and potential areas for improvement


Contact us on 0131 202 5730 for further information or email to discuss your requirements in more detail.