Incito were approached by the Army to investigate the provision of Internet services, for personal use, in to military accommodation. The Army had no budget for the service and so we created a privately financed venture called SoldierNET.

After designing the system and spending a considerable amount of effort understanding and then satisfying the military approval process, the service was launched in March 2008. The design for the service has 4 parts: infrastructure, web front end, authentication and back end.

The service had to:

  • satisfy the various military approval processes - engineering, electronic, security etc
  • bill the end user and not the military
  • not tie users in to a contract and allow for breaks in subscription when deployed etc
  • provide coverage to rooms and shared mess facilities

We developed a high impact visual web front end that:

  • allows users to purchase PAYG access to the internet
  • is fully integrated with Paypal for payment processing
  • provides user access to an account with details of usage, subscription details etc
  • extensive management reporting

and a back end that:

  • manages user authentication and time left on account
  • logs data usage and manages data consumption
  • monitors the 'health' of the network and notifies of any connection issues

SoldierNET currently supports many hundreds of users who have Internet access brought directly to their rooms 24x7.

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