Prior to starting Incito, Colin was Head of Data Management at Barra UK, where as sole budget holder, he was responsible for determining the technical, architectural and organisational strategy of all IT Development and Operations. He has also held senior development roles within WM Company and the MOD.

Incito started in July 2001, to provide development & interim management services to business. Early clients included JP Morgan/Plexus Group, Norwich Union (Aviva), Celestica/Netgear. and Inalytics.

In 2006, owing to his time spent as a reservist in 4 Para, Colin was approached to investigate a solution for providing a value Internet offering for military accommodation. This was the inception of SoldierNET, which became a wholly owned limited company in July 2009.

The business has grown, with Peter joining in late 2006 and Andrew in December 2007.

Today, Incito provide the full range of web application and bespoke software development solutions. Contact us for further details.